FaxCAD Customer Reviews

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Good CAD with good detail and interface. Very interactive and lots to offer. CAD has large potential however, in current state, is still needing a lot of work. Otherwise, there is still everything there for the CAD to work perfectly fine. It just needs a little extra addons for it to be absolutely perfect.


Has all the base features that you would need in a CAD system, still room for more things and become more polished but overall fits most communities. Looking forward to seeing what comes next and see where this system goes! Extra props to Faxes for being amazing at the support and feedback side of things!

Kaiden B

FaxCAD is an amazing utility for every community. It is a necessity for every community. I would recommend it to everyone. A great interface as well as large-area for growth.


Made from Australia (🇦🇺) for the world 🌏 to enjoy.