Why FaxCAD?

We believe FaxCAD is the most unique CAD & MDT system out there! Coded without an online application and with over 80,000 lines of code why not? With a great CAD comes great customization and the ability to be different. This is what FaxCAD does - allows a new and different experience for its users.


FaxCAD is a state of the art computer-aided dispatch system aimed at all communities in need of one! It's about time
a new system hits the block and with FaxCAD you have too much customization and ability.

Vigorous Development

FaxCAD has heavy and vigorous development with frequent updates and feature requests being implemented by the FaxCAD community all the time. We love your feedback and are willing to place it into the CAD itself! Along with features comes persistent bug fixes for FaxCAD.

Appropriate Pricing

When making FaxCAD we wanted to compete with other CAD systems on the market. We adjusted the FaxCAD plans to fit peoples needs in not being expensive. We don't beat all competitors as we believe that with all the development of FaxCAD comes appropriate pricing. This is FaxCAD!

Official FaxCAD Partners

Thanks to our partners!

Fade Grips

FadeGrips is a gaming accessories company based out of Southern California, which specializes in analog stick grips and controller cases. Use code FAXES for 10% off.

Tyler’s Development Services

Tyler’s Development Services offers one of the most requested things FaxCAD should have which is an application system - EzApps, go check it out!

Sunbelt Roleplay

We’re a community based on civilian life role-play with extensively trained emergency services. Being at Sunbelt were Not just a Community, but a Family. Where everyone has a Chance to Make a Difference.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is FaxCAD?

Check out our pricing page for more information on FaxCAD's pricing.

How is FaxCAD hosted / Do we get the source files?

FaxCAD is only a hosted service with a monthly subscription plan, and yes, you can bring your own domain.

How is FaxCAD kept secure?

Security is a big thing, that's why we have used some secure methods of databasing and selecting it. Your CAD will also come with an SSL Certificate.

Is there game interrogation?

We currently do not support any games directly. Depending on the game we do have a web API you can use to fetch information from your CAD eg; getting civilian character information.